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goodbye, princess.

athmatic kitten.
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hi, i'm sophie. i live in germany.
i'm crushed. i'm learning to love.
i don't trust anyone... unless they show me i can.
but no one ever really has. and i don't think anyone ever will.
i'm realitivly slow paced.
i accept things as they come.
i shouldn't care what other people think of me, but i guess i do.
when my friends are hurt, i feel hurt.
i get jealous really easily.
i jump to conclusions.
i make wishes at 11:11.
i (kind of) miss simplicity.
if i don't like you, you'll know, because i'll tell you.
i'm not picky, i just know what i like.
i think i'm pretty cute. i laugh at a lot of stupid things.
i love to smile. but i hate feeling lonely.
i forgive far too easily.
i wish i could start over.

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